Xenosys loupes offer the best optical clarity you will find. Compare our field of view and depth of field to our competitors:



    • Wide range of magnifications available: 2.5x, 2.8x, 3.5x and 5.0x.
    • Customized loupes for a perfect fit
    • Largest field of view and depth of field of any magnifier on the market.

      Magnification: 2.8x - Weight: 40g

      • Wide choice of styles and frame sizes
      • Lightweight and comfortable and easy to wear
      • Clear view across the field - No optical distortion
      • Titanium frames and choice of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frames

      Magnification: 3.2x - Weight: 56g


      • Larger field of view & superior depth of focus
      • Lighter & Smaller Telescopes
      • Clear & Bright vision over the full field
      • No visual distortion
      • No visual fatigue

      Magnification: 3.5x - Weight: 75g


      • Frames
        • Pure hypoallergenic titanium frame
        • Ergonomic and stylish titanium frame with plastic temple
        • Super lightweight & comfortable aircraft aluminium frame
        • PA Frame (Pure Aluminium)
        • Navy, Brown, Grey (Graphite)

      Magnification: 5x - Weight: 83g


      The field of view of the Xenosys loupes is given for an example working distance of 40 cm. A longer working distance will result in a larger field of view:

      • 16 cm
      • 13 cm
      • 9,8 cm
      • 6,2 cm
      • 4,1 cm

      Reasons for choosing Surgical Telescopes
      1. Magnified Image – Resolution limit that be accorded sensor density of human-eye
      2. Correction of defects – Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia, Strabismus
      3. Improved posture – Maintain a straight & better posture to prevent backache or stiff shoulders
      4. Protection from infection – Protective eyewear

      Magnification: 7.5x - Weight: 84g